We work hard every day to provide you the best combination of price, service and support.


Making sure that you are satisfied is important to us. We provide a full warranty for all of our services and products.


We value the trust that you place in us. Customer service is our number one priority because we recognize that our customers are our most vital asset.

About Us

Serving Northern Colorado & Southern Wyoming
Carla's Sunshine Flooring staff are the property management and commercial flooring experts! We have over 35 years of combined experience serving the unique needs of property managers and commercial customers. Our professional staff will make your next flooring purchase, simple and affordable.

24 hour RUSH installation service is available! Call 970-532-3612 for details.

What People are Saying

  • Carla’s Sunshine Flooring has the best customer service out there. High quality work at a great price.

    Cassie B.
  • Carla and her crew have always been able to quickly and efficiently take care of our needs. She represents the compassion and business know how that is needed when dealing with her clients and treats them like they are her first priority. I would highly recommend Carla’s Sunshine Flooring for all of your business needs!

    Gloria P.

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